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#ThrowbackThursdays: Sonny With A Chance

Okay. Before you read this, I have to admit that when I first become a fan of Sonny with A Chance, I am already 15 or 16 years old. I think it was pretty childish for me to enjoy a show which has a target demographic for children ages 7-13 years old.
When this show was being broadcast in Disney Channel Asia (mostly replays in Mondays-Fridays), it is shown on weeknights at 11 PM, Philippine time. Seriously, who watches a show for kids at that time?
I gave “Sonny with A Chance” a chance (no pun intended) since Demi Lovato is the lead actress for the show. I was not a big Demi fan back in that day but I really like her voice and I have a friend who’s a big fan of the Disney channel original movie, Camp Rock.
The first episode that I have seen on this show was Season 1 Episode 2: “West Coast Story”. I remember seeing this episode and found it really childish especially on the scene when the “So Random” cast was tricked by the cast of “Mackenzie falls” on the table. But the “You’ve got fan mail” episode changed all of that and started watching this show religiously online.

The show follows Sonny Munroe (played by Demi Lovato) on being the newest member of her favorite live comedy show “So Random”, a SNL-like show for kids. She met Tawni (played by Tiffany Thornton), one of the cast of “So Random” who acts like a diva and does not like Sonny at first. She also met the other cast of the show, Nico (played by Brandon Mychal Smith), Grady (played by Doug Brochu), and Zora (played by Allisyn Ashley Arm).  Nico and Grady are the funny duo who always finds themselves in various hilarious situations throughout the series. Zora is the youngest and also considered the weird one but appears to be the most intelligent among the cast and made pranks to her fellow cast members (especially Nico and Grady). She also found out about the ongoing rivalry between the cast of “So Random” and another TV show “Mackenzie Falls”, a melodrama for tweens which was also shot in the same studio where “So Random” was being shown. “Mackenzie Falls” stars Chad Dylan Cooper (played by Sterling Knight), a popular actor who acts narcissist and selfish. *Spoiler Alert* He later became Sonny’s boyfriend on season 2.

Since I love this show so much until up to this day, you might probably expect a positive review from me but though this is my favorite Disney show I will still provide pros and cons of this show.
I like how the writers make the show funny but clean at the same time. I think it was tricky and clever to make a balance between the two since most sitcoms are either using a lot of dirty jokes or childish and corny. Though this show has some childish scenarios and unwitty punch lines, the writers kept it really appealing for young adults and kids at the same time. I find it a good family show that all of the members of the family might enjoy.
There are a lot of songs used in this show. There was also a SWAC soundtrack album that came out which is kind of weird since the central theme for the album is about love. The album came out before season 2 and most of the second season episodes are heavily concentrated to Sonny and Chad’s relationship. The show’s theme song is “So Far, So Great” sang by Demi Lovato. Of course, this is not one of the best Demi Lovato songs but I found it really good during circa 2009. Well, after hearing Demi’s “Stone Cold”, this song fails miserably in comparison but this song was really catchy and fits the show really well. I personally love, “What to Do”, also performed by Demi, which makes one of her most underrated songs ever. I love how they incorporate the song to the series. On the “New Girl” episode, Sonny wrote this song, unknowingly about her break up from Chad.
These are some of the lines from the song:
You've got your way of speaking
Even the air you're breathin'
You could be anything
But you don't know what to believe in
You got the world before you
If I could only show you
That you don't know what to do

The lines perfectly describe Chad’s behavior throughout the series. Chad appears to be a person who has everything but deep inside he’s just one another insecure guy. The reason why I keep watching this series is because of Chad’s relationship with Sonny. I really love the chemistry between Demi Lovato and Sterling Knight. I’m still hoping up to this day that Disney will make season 3 though I really think it is impossible. Sterling Knight is just 'stan'-worthy throughout the show. He provides the dark humor on the show and it seems that he enjoys being the Disney antagonist as he told on of his interviews.

I just hope they also gave some an entire episode that revolves around the other characters especially Nico/Zora, I think their characters are not that developed compared to others. 

There are some inconsistencies with the show like this one:
Season 1 Episode 9: "Sonny with A Chance of Dating". Nico and Grady were in trouble with the studio security guard, Murphy (played by Steve Hytner)) for 'abusing' the yogurt machine and banned them from the cafeteria. This is were Zora told them to get a lawyer and Nico asked to where they will get a lawyer and Zora represented them as their lawyer by her "So Random" character, "Sally Jenson: Kid's Lawyer" . However on episode 15: "Tales from the Prop House", Chad and the other cast of "Mackenzie falls" took the Prop House owned by the cast of "So Random" so thay they could make it their meditation room. Chad showed the contract with the studio and Nico snatched it and told them that his father is a lawyer and will try to find a loophole in the contract or whether it's for real or not but he does not understand anything from the contract. By the end of the episode, "So Random's" exectuive producer, Marshall Pike (played by Michael Kostroff) told Sonny and the others that he sought the help of Nico's father so that they could get their prop house back but they don't need it anymore since they resolved the issue by themselves.

Seriously? Is Nico that stupid to forgot that his father was a lawyer on episode 9 and remember it on the episode 15? Does he just passed the bar exam after 6 episodes and just graduated from a law school? But Nico could still ask for his father in episode 9 who's probably knowledgeable on law rather than Zora's character.  I would get it if this is Grady but the writers should be really vigilant with these details. I know that this is just a kids' show but this really bugs me.

Overall, this is my favorite Disney show and I still love this until now.

Rating: Recommended for the young and young at heart :)

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Best Things on One OK Rock Live in Manila Concert

Best Things that Happened on One OK Rock Live In Manila Concert

1. People turned on the Flashlight mode on their phones during "Heartache"

2. Taka clenched his fist on his chest when the crowd was singing the Japanese parts on "Wherever you are" 

3. Tomoya's amazing drums skills at the intro (35xxxv)

4. "You guys are so beautiful" - Taka

5. The crowd was singing along on every song whether it has English/Japanese lyrics. Magkabulolbulol na, makasabay lang hahaha

6. Before the encore, when OOR left the stage:
Crowd:"We Want More" (while stomping with their feet. Dumagundong ang MOA Arena dahil dito.)

Then, they go back to the stage.
Taka: Do you want more?
Crowd: Yes!
Taka: Me too!
And the whole Arena went wild

7. Toru said "Salamat Manila". It was barely heard since it was masked by the loud cheers from the audience

8. "Mahal Kita" - Tomoya ( the crowd went wild again)

9. OOR selfie with the audience while holding the messages the fans wrote for them on a banner with a Philippine flag. "See you again"

10. Audience singing: "Believe that time is always forever..." During Clock Strikes. (Another goosebumps experience)

11. Taka promised that OOR we'll be back in the Philippines 

There's actually a lot more that I could write on here but most of my experience that night is unexplainable. Even though some fans were saying that the concert would be better if the wall of death has been push through or some fans followed the rules by not using lightsticks or recording video, I think it was all a great show since the four boys were giving their best and I can see from their IG posts that they had enjoy their performance here in the Philippines. 

One OK Rock Live in Manila
All in all, January 19 was a night to be remember for all the Filipino One OK Rockers. It was a night were all of the fanboys/fangirls inside of us were screaming with joy that finally, after years of petitioning/answering surveys, one of the most renowned J-rock band have landed their feet on our shores and gave us a night we will never forget. Hopefully, we'll be seeing more of them here in the Philippines.

So, to all my fellow Pinoy One OK Rockers,"Believe that time is always forever" and let's pray that they will keep their promise of coming back.

As one of the line of their song says "I promise you forever", true enough we have that night forever in our hearts.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Random post about My Current Status

Asian-Americans on Youtube

DANCING: I don’t dance

HOPING: that I could make something that my family and nation would be proud of 
MARVELLING: at the awesomeness of exchanging opinions and the arguments in line with it
SMELLING: green tea

MAKING: ends meet
DRINKING: green tea, coz I need to shed some weight
READING: The Bubble Bible by: Michael V, random news articles
WANTING: to have a new watercolor set or colored pencils 
LOOKING: for the Christmas spirit 
WASTING: time writing this 
WISHING: for a joyful Christmas vacation
ENJOYING: the satisfying sounds of keyboard smashing
WAITING: for a positive feedbacks from colleagues
LIKING:  someone’s genuine personality
WONDERING: if I could travel around the world 
LOVING: my quiet time so far
LISTENING: to “The Same as” by One Ok Rock
WATCHING: Ryan Higa’s skits and vlogs in Youtube ‘coz I’m a lamp
WEARING: a corporate attire (checkered black polo, black blazer, dark brown pants and black leather shoes)

NOTICING: that the people on my back were having a party 
KNOWING: that life will goes on even if something fails
THINKING: of having a lasagna for dinner
FEELING: unproductive for this day 
COVETING: for food, a plate of lasagna will do

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Gakko No Kaidan (Japanese Drama) Review

I am always a big fan of Japanese school dramas such as Gokusen (starring Nakama Yukie, Matsumoto Jun, Oguri Shun and a whole lot of Japanese Actors who are well-known in Japan as of this day), Nobuta wo Produce (starring Yamashita Tomohisa, Kamenashi Kazuya, Horikita Maki and Toda Erika), Sprout (starring Chinen Yuri, Aoi Morikawa, Jesse Lewis and Fujiko Kojima),  Bakaleya Shiritsu Koukou (starring a lot of young idols from Johnny's Jr. and AKB48) and Scrap Teacher. Since then, I am always on the lookout for Japanese dramas that focuses on school life, whether it is about friendship, romance, being a detective, or to some extent brutal killings (Battle Royale and Assassination Classroom, anyone?). Only Japan can have this kind of plot in a school drama, but before I get to that angle of Japanese entertainment, I want to talk about the 2015 drama Gakkou no Kaidan [学校のカイダン ] (School's Staircase, literal title)

Kamiki Ryunosuke: So, I have to admit that Kamiki Ryunosuke is one of the Japanese actors that I think are one of the best in subtle expressions. Among other Japanese actors/actresses of his generation, he is the most experienced and probably, in my own opinion, best in acting. You might remember him on the live action of Rurouni Kenshin which starred Takeru Sato, they are both from Amuse (talent agency) by the way so they have work for several dramas/movies together. On Rurouni Kenshin, he played my favorite character on the Series, Seta Soujiro.
Aside from his impressive list of works, he has won several awards inside and outside Japan such as Best Supporting Actor for his role in "Kazoku Game" from two award-giving bodies.
Kamiki Ryunosuke's Recognitions:
  • 77th Television Drama Academy Awards: Best Supporting Actor - Kazoku Game
  • 17th Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix (Apr-Jun 2013): Best Supporting Actor for Kazoku Game
  • 2006 Japan Academy Awards: Best Newcomer for Yokai Daisensou
  • 51st Monte-Carlo TV Festival 2011: (Nominated) Outstanding Actor in TV Films for Threads of Our Hearts (Kokoro no Ito)
  • 2011 Seoul International Drama Awards: Yahoo! People's Choice - The Best Actor of Japan / Netizen Popularity Award
  • 4th Tama Eiga Awards: Best Newcomer Actor for Kirishima, Bukatsu Yamerutte yo and SPEC TEN

Kamiki as Seta Soujiro in "Rurouni Kenshin"


In Gakkou no Kaidan, he played the mysterious, perverted and genius speech writer. Though, his performance can be considered over-acting by some, I think he acted the part of being mysterious at the same time manipulative character well. His expressions on funny scenes were hilarious .I have the outmost respect for this actor and we have the same age, how cool is that!
 Hirose Suzu: Aside from the fact that Hirose Suzu is 5 years younger than Kamiki, she is relatively new in acting department. She started on year 2013. But don't get me wrong, this girl showed a huge amount of potential in this series as she carried out her scenes well. She is one of the actresses that I would love to look out for.

Hirose Suzu
Photo credit:

Her chemistry with Kamiki was also commendable. I hope they will act together as a couple in a romantic-comedy series or a movie. 5 years is not that big of a gap and Kamiki still looks like a 17-year old high school student in this drama.

The story revolves around Haruna Tsubame (Hirose) who finds herself elected as the school president due to the support   by the Platinum 8, a group of the richest students in the school and the hidden leaders of the school. They are rich, influential and manipulative.  As soon as she discovered the main reason for being elected as president, her peaceful days in the school ended and she became a victim of a harsh system on the school. From here, comes in Shizukui Kei (Kamiki), a mysterious young man who appears in front of Haruna while she was in a desperate situation. The two decided to change the school full of injustice, irrationality, and corruption step by step with the power of words written by Kei.

My thoughts:
I love how the series involve leadership and corruption here in the movie. I think it represents the society nowadays where there are a lot of injustices happening caused by the leaders and powerful ones victimizing the lower class in the society. It also shows the problem of having a puppet president who appears to be a leader yet powerless in front of the people. The series also shows how people’s minds and emotions can be swayed by words.
The chemistry between the two actors was shown on the few cheesy moments of the drama such as the indirect kiss scenes, hugging and consoling scenes. There’s a bonus at the last episode for you romantic people out there. I don’t want to elaborate since I want to spoil your moods in watching the series.
Other positive points of the drama are music and settings of the drama. The insert song is “Just One Girl” by Fujiwara Sakura and the main theme song is “Uchouten “ by B’z.
 My only problem is that the episodes were rather repetitive due to the ending of every episode and the Platinum 8. I would like them to show more arrogance and power in the series but whatever, the series has ended. Just watch this series.
8.99/10 – Highly Recommended!

Photo credit:


Gakko no Kaidan (NTV)
Kamiki Ryunosuke
Hirose Suzu


Sunday, April 6, 2014

Diary ng Panget The movie Review

Most of the Filipino teens today are familiar with the Wattpad story “Diary ng Panget”, which is written by HaveYouSeenThisGirl, one of my favorite authors. The story was published into four books by Psicom last year and became bestsellers. Then, Viva Films decided to adapt it on the big screen.
As a fan of the series I have huge expectations for this movie ever since they started to announce that DNP will be adapted as a movie.
I’m a little bit prejudicial to the Filipino movies since I’m tired of watching the same concept over again like kabit movies. I also hate that most people watch the movie for the cast. Also, some people judge the movies according to their preferred networks. So I was hoping back then that they will cast fresh faces in the movie  

Watch the trailer here:
Reactions to the cast:
James Reid as Cross Sandford - He is the first one I have found out to be one of the cast members because his “Alam Niya Ba?” music video was posted on HYSTG’s facebook page. People know him as PBB Teen Clash of 2010’s big winner. There are a lot of doubts surrounding this choice at first because he is not yet fluent in Tagalog and I don’t remember that Cross is slang in the book or in the Wattpad version. But after watching his music videos and the movie itself, this guy proved me wrong. I instantly became a fan of him. His Australian accent fits the character of Cross and gave a decent portrayal of my favorite character in the book. *Spoiler* I like how his eyes moved when Eya scared Cross by telling him about a ghost named Mary, it shows a natural way of being scared, not OA in short.
Nadine Lustre as Eya Rodriguez – I know her as former member of Pop Girls. HYSTG herself chose her for this role so we cannot argue about an author’s choice, right? I really hate it when some people keeps on telling that she looks like Kathryn Bernardo and comparing those two actresses. They are different in their own ways. And there’s a ridiculous hearsay saying that Nadine undergone a plastic surgery to look like Kathryn. What the hell! She was already in showbiz ever since she was a child so you can look for yourselves on YouTube her childhood videos so that you can tell that her face is genuine and still the same. I began liking her after watching the trailer. I hope she will become the next big star on Viva after this movie. Whatever channel she is affiliated with, I will really support her.
Yassi Pressman as Lorraine ‘Lory’ Keet – when the cast was revealed, she is the only cast member I personally think fits the role. Lory is half-british, so is Yassi. My only reaction is why did she cut her hair because I don’t remember Lory having a short hair but well, she is still pretty. I’m most familiar with her among the cast members because I’d seen some of her shows like AnnaKareNina and Tween Hearts.
Andre Paras as Chad Jimenez – after watching the movie, I realized how perfect he is for the character of the jolly and cheerful Chad.
Story: *mejo spoilers*
The movie is visually entertaining for using vibrant colors for the production. However, Eya’s pimples are really big that it looks like chickenpoxes.
The movie stayed close to the book but since I’m more familiar with the Wattpad version, I was disappointed with some scenes on the movie such as in the hospital when it should be the point that Eya realized that she feels something for Cross. I just thought that it was rushed. I was also disappointed on the part when Cross saw Eya’s transformation(evolution). Also, there are some interesting parts of the story which is not in the movie like the allergy of Eya towards spicy foods, Cross’ fondness of Boy Bawang and the childish behavior of Cross’ father.
 The crew struggles to fit the three books in one movie. The fourth book was not included. The fast pacing at the start of the movie might be a problem. If non-readers watched the film they will hardly understand the movie. The transition of events was almost a failure. Though, the leads have an enough chemistry to make the audience giddy, the movie’s narration does not show the romantic appeal of what HYSTG had written towards it characters. Maybe, I just have high expectations.
What I like about the movie is the additional comedy and its youthful vibe. I just love Candy Pangilinan’s character and the silly/bizarre kidnapping scene. Also, I love the part of Cross’ apology and the time when they were locked inside the Student Council Room (It was also my favorite part of the book because it was the point I decided to ship the Eya+Cross=Eyoss Loveteam and that Cross is my favorite character).
I will give this movie an 8.3/10 since it stay close to the story that we love and still entertaining. The 1.7 deduction (hahaha) was for all the disappointments I had.
Also, to some movie reviewers of this film, kindly read first the books before giving reviews so that you can fill the loopholes of this film, and understand why this character do this so and so or why he/she is like that.

That’s all. Smile everyone.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Itazura na Kiss Love In Tokyo Last Episode

After watching the episodes of Itazura na Kiss~Love in Tokyo, I fell in love with the persistence and effort of Kin-chan (Yamada Yuki). I like how he really shows that he cares for Kotoko(Honoka Miki). I feel like rooting for him to be Kotoko's boyfriend but I know it is impossible to happen since every drama-fanatic know this story.

Irie (Furukawa Yuki) became the biggest JERK ever in the first half of the last episode. I want to scream "NAOKI IS A JERK!" in front of my computer screen every time Yuki Furukawa's face shows(Sorry Yuki). But still, Irie Naoki and Kotoko Aihara will always be one of the best OTPs in the whole drama and anime world.

I can't agree more to what Jinko said: "A woman is happier when she is loved by a man more than she loves him.". That's why I feel like rooting for Kin-chan.

But forcing to love someone you don't love will also inflict you pain and misery. Right?

OK don't mind me.

I think this is one of the touchiest scene in the series like how Kotoko's father is so supportive of her. I like how he said that she shouldn't be obligated to marry Kin-chan since the most important thing for him is her feelings.

This is the funniest part of this episode. Satomi and Jinko is making Naoki jealous by tellling him that Kotoko will answer Kin-chan's proposal while he is trying to act he doesn't care about it. Go girls, tell him how jerk he is!

After hearing that Kin-chan proposed to Kotoko, Irie realized whom he really loves and how jerk he is to Kotoko (how many times did I say Naoki is a jerk in this post?)

Meanwhile at the restaurant, Kin-chan asked Kotoko about his proposal

But Kotoko answered that she needs to think about it.

Kin-chan realized that Kotoko still love Irie that's why she can't answer him.

This is the most heart-breaking scene for Kin-chan. The second one is the time when he saw Kotoko and Naoki together on Christmas Eve. I felt so sorry for him.

Kotoko left the restaurant and became emo too. She felt guilty towards how he treated Kin-chan. She thought that she's making him hope that they will be together.

Here's my favorite scene in the whole series

When Kotoko looked up...

I don't know why Naoki knew where Kotoko is.

Maybe this place is near Irie's house....

I really like the transparent umbrella in this scene. I think it makes the scene more romantic.

This is when Naoki started to get jealous and saying: "Do you love someone just because he tells you that he loves you?". This line really beats me.

I love the cinematography on this scene when Naoki released the umbrella from his grip to hold Kotoko and saying she can't love anyone but him. That was so arrogant yet sweet line.

My favorite scene when Kotoko is saying that she can't help that she is still in love with him but he can't love her back. Then, Irie decided to answer her with a.....

Kiss in the rain will always be romantic for me... It doesn't get old.

In this picture we saw a very selfish and possessive Naoki. This is the point where I started to forgive Naoki for being such a jerk... hahaha

I don't want to spoil everything to the people who haven't finished this yet but I wonder what will happen to Sahoko? Not that I really care about her but I think it was not answered in the series. Well, I've heard that the there will be a season 2, so I hope some questions will be answered.
Kin-chan is still funny

Screencaptured by ME :)

No copyright infringement intended...