Saturday, October 5, 2013

I am addicted to KRISLIE! - A "Kahit Nasaan Ka Man" TV series review

I'm actually a little bit fan of JuliElmo love team, but I was hoping years back that Julie Anne San Jose should be paired with another actor, Kristoffer Martin. Now, my wish came true. The new primetime series of GMA Network entitled "Kahit Nasaan Ka Man" (Wherever You Are) which started airing last month was really nice. Applause for KrisLie.  Good choice for GMA to select Kristoffer Martin as lead over Elmo Magalona. No offense to Elmo, but Kristoffer really fits the role of a boy who was left by his parents, had been a street kid and worked hard to became a valedictorian in High School. while Elmo's face looks like he is raised from a rich family which is true. haha... But I still like Elmo Magalona. The network should find a role that fits for him...
My thoughts:
The story:
The story is about Leandro (Kristoffer Martin), a young man who have struggled a lot in his life, and how he will find his first love, Pauline, a rich heiress but blind girl. Even if he found her, how will he confessed his love for her.
The series is still on going so this review will be limited. First, I thought it's a little bit cliche and predictable but after watching few more episodes I got hooked on the series. I like how it is a musical drama without the random singing-while-making-a-dialogue part. Great work Ms. Suzette Doctolero. Another piece of art. hahaha
My favorite parts are when Leandro sold his father's guitar and destroyed his another guitar, which he considered his best friend
And I have the feeling that Leandro's adoptive mother adopted him because she just needed a replacement to his dead son... Just a thought :P
The Cast:
Great actors and actresses, especially the young Pauline and Leandro :)
The Music:
more OPM please
So here's a list of some insert songs in the series:
I'll be There - Julie Anne San Jose and Kristoffer Martin (Opening)
Dandansoy (Filipino Folk Song) - Epy Quizon (on the first episode), Miggs Cuaderno, Julie Anne San Jose
Tadhana - Up Dharma Down (original), Kristoffer Martin
My Sweet Boy - Julie Anne San Jose (not really sure about what is the title of the song)
Disclaimer: Photos are not mine. Credits to the owner.

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