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Diary ng Panget The movie Review

Most of the Filipino teens today are familiar with the Wattpad story “Diary ng Panget”, which is written by HaveYouSeenThisGirl, one of my favorite authors. The story was published into four books by Psicom last year and became bestsellers. Then, Viva Films decided to adapt it on the big screen.
As a fan of the series I have huge expectations for this movie ever since they started to announce that DNP will be adapted as a movie.
I’m a little bit prejudicial to the Filipino movies since I’m tired of watching the same concept over again like kabit movies. I also hate that most people watch the movie for the cast. Also, some people judge the movies according to their preferred networks. So I was hoping back then that they will cast fresh faces in the movie  

Watch the trailer here:
Reactions to the cast:
James Reid as Cross Sandford - He is the first one I have found out to be one of the cast members because his “Alam Niya Ba?” music video was posted on HYSTG’s facebook page. People know him as PBB Teen Clash of 2010’s big winner. There are a lot of doubts surrounding this choice at first because he is not yet fluent in Tagalog and I don’t remember that Cross is slang in the book or in the Wattpad version. But after watching his music videos and the movie itself, this guy proved me wrong. I instantly became a fan of him. His Australian accent fits the character of Cross and gave a decent portrayal of my favorite character in the book. *Spoiler* I like how his eyes moved when Eya scared Cross by telling him about a ghost named Mary, it shows a natural way of being scared, not OA in short.
Nadine Lustre as Eya Rodriguez – I know her as former member of Pop Girls. HYSTG herself chose her for this role so we cannot argue about an author’s choice, right? I really hate it when some people keeps on telling that she looks like Kathryn Bernardo and comparing those two actresses. They are different in their own ways. And there’s a ridiculous hearsay saying that Nadine undergone a plastic surgery to look like Kathryn. What the hell! She was already in showbiz ever since she was a child so you can look for yourselves on YouTube her childhood videos so that you can tell that her face is genuine and still the same. I began liking her after watching the trailer. I hope she will become the next big star on Viva after this movie. Whatever channel she is affiliated with, I will really support her.
Yassi Pressman as Lorraine ‘Lory’ Keet – when the cast was revealed, she is the only cast member I personally think fits the role. Lory is half-british, so is Yassi. My only reaction is why did she cut her hair because I don’t remember Lory having a short hair but well, she is still pretty. I’m most familiar with her among the cast members because I’d seen some of her shows like AnnaKareNina and Tween Hearts.
Andre Paras as Chad Jimenez – after watching the movie, I realized how perfect he is for the character of the jolly and cheerful Chad.
Story: *mejo spoilers*
The movie is visually entertaining for using vibrant colors for the production. However, Eya’s pimples are really big that it looks like chickenpoxes.
The movie stayed close to the book but since I’m more familiar with the Wattpad version, I was disappointed with some scenes on the movie such as in the hospital when it should be the point that Eya realized that she feels something for Cross. I just thought that it was rushed. I was also disappointed on the part when Cross saw Eya’s transformation(evolution). Also, there are some interesting parts of the story which is not in the movie like the allergy of Eya towards spicy foods, Cross’ fondness of Boy Bawang and the childish behavior of Cross’ father.
 The crew struggles to fit the three books in one movie. The fourth book was not included. The fast pacing at the start of the movie might be a problem. If non-readers watched the film they will hardly understand the movie. The transition of events was almost a failure. Though, the leads have an enough chemistry to make the audience giddy, the movie’s narration does not show the romantic appeal of what HYSTG had written towards it characters. Maybe, I just have high expectations.
What I like about the movie is the additional comedy and its youthful vibe. I just love Candy Pangilinan’s character and the silly/bizarre kidnapping scene. Also, I love the part of Cross’ apology and the time when they were locked inside the Student Council Room (It was also my favorite part of the book because it was the point I decided to ship the Eya+Cross=Eyoss Loveteam and that Cross is my favorite character).
I will give this movie an 8.3/10 since it stay close to the story that we love and still entertaining. The 1.7 deduction (hahaha) was for all the disappointments I had.
Also, to some movie reviewers of this film, kindly read first the books before giving reviews so that you can fill the loopholes of this film, and understand why this character do this so and so or why he/she is like that.

That’s all. Smile everyone.

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