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#ThrowbackThursdays: Sonny With A Chance

Okay. Before you read this, I have to admit that when I first become a fan of Sonny with A Chance, I am already 15 or 16 years old. I think it was pretty childish for me to enjoy a show which has a target demographic for children ages 7-13 years old.
When this show was being broadcast in Disney Channel Asia (mostly replays in Mondays-Fridays), it is shown on weeknights at 11 PM, Philippine time. Seriously, who watches a show for kids at that time?
I gave “Sonny with A Chance” a chance (no pun intended) since Demi Lovato is the lead actress for the show. I was not a big Demi fan back in that day but I really like her voice and I have a friend who’s a big fan of the Disney channel original movie, Camp Rock.
The first episode that I have seen on this show was Season 1 Episode 2: “West Coast Story”. I remember seeing this episode and found it really childish especially on the scene when the “So Random” cast was tricked by the cast of “Mackenzie falls” on the table. But the “You’ve got fan mail” episode changed all of that and started watching this show religiously online.

The show follows Sonny Munroe (played by Demi Lovato) on being the newest member of her favorite live comedy show “So Random”, a SNL-like show for kids. She met Tawni (played by Tiffany Thornton), one of the cast of “So Random” who acts like a diva and does not like Sonny at first. She also met the other cast of the show, Nico (played by Brandon Mychal Smith), Grady (played by Doug Brochu), and Zora (played by Allisyn Ashley Arm).  Nico and Grady are the funny duo who always finds themselves in various hilarious situations throughout the series. Zora is the youngest and also considered the weird one but appears to be the most intelligent among the cast and made pranks to her fellow cast members (especially Nico and Grady). She also found out about the ongoing rivalry between the cast of “So Random” and another TV show “Mackenzie Falls”, a melodrama for tweens which was also shot in the same studio where “So Random” was being shown. “Mackenzie Falls” stars Chad Dylan Cooper (played by Sterling Knight), a popular actor who acts narcissist and selfish. *Spoiler Alert* He later became Sonny’s boyfriend on season 2.

Since I love this show so much until up to this day, you might probably expect a positive review from me but though this is my favorite Disney show I will still provide pros and cons of this show.
I like how the writers make the show funny but clean at the same time. I think it was tricky and clever to make a balance between the two since most sitcoms are either using a lot of dirty jokes or childish and corny. Though this show has some childish scenarios and unwitty punch lines, the writers kept it really appealing for young adults and kids at the same time. I find it a good family show that all of the members of the family might enjoy.
There are a lot of songs used in this show. There was also a SWAC soundtrack album that came out which is kind of weird since the central theme for the album is about love. The album came out before season 2 and most of the second season episodes are heavily concentrated to Sonny and Chad’s relationship. The show’s theme song is “So Far, So Great” sang by Demi Lovato. Of course, this is not one of the best Demi Lovato songs but I found it really good during circa 2009. Well, after hearing Demi’s “Stone Cold”, this song fails miserably in comparison but this song was really catchy and fits the show really well. I personally love, “What to Do”, also performed by Demi, which makes one of her most underrated songs ever. I love how they incorporate the song to the series. On the “New Girl” episode, Sonny wrote this song, unknowingly about her break up from Chad.
These are some of the lines from the song:
You've got your way of speaking
Even the air you're breathin'
You could be anything
But you don't know what to believe in
You got the world before you
If I could only show you
That you don't know what to do

The lines perfectly describe Chad’s behavior throughout the series. Chad appears to be a person who has everything but deep inside he’s just one another insecure guy. The reason why I keep watching this series is because of Chad’s relationship with Sonny. I really love the chemistry between Demi Lovato and Sterling Knight. I’m still hoping up to this day that Disney will make season 3 though I really think it is impossible. Sterling Knight is just 'stan'-worthy throughout the show. He provides the dark humor on the show and it seems that he enjoys being the Disney antagonist as he told on of his interviews.

I just hope they also gave some an entire episode that revolves around the other characters especially Nico/Zora, I think their characters are not that developed compared to others. 

There are some inconsistencies with the show like this one:
Season 1 Episode 9: "Sonny with A Chance of Dating". Nico and Grady were in trouble with the studio security guard, Murphy (played by Steve Hytner)) for 'abusing' the yogurt machine and banned them from the cafeteria. This is were Zora told them to get a lawyer and Nico asked to where they will get a lawyer and Zora represented them as their lawyer by her "So Random" character, "Sally Jenson: Kid's Lawyer" . However on episode 15: "Tales from the Prop House", Chad and the other cast of "Mackenzie falls" took the Prop House owned by the cast of "So Random" so thay they could make it their meditation room. Chad showed the contract with the studio and Nico snatched it and told them that his father is a lawyer and will try to find a loophole in the contract or whether it's for real or not but he does not understand anything from the contract. By the end of the episode, "So Random's" exectuive producer, Marshall Pike (played by Michael Kostroff) told Sonny and the others that he sought the help of Nico's father so that they could get their prop house back but they don't need it anymore since they resolved the issue by themselves.

Seriously? Is Nico that stupid to forgot that his father was a lawyer on episode 9 and remember it on the episode 15? Does he just passed the bar exam after 6 episodes and just graduated from a law school? But Nico could still ask for his father in episode 9 who's probably knowledgeable on law rather than Zora's character.  I would get it if this is Grady but the writers should be really vigilant with these details. I know that this is just a kids' show but this really bugs me.

Overall, this is my favorite Disney show and I still love this until now.

Rating: Recommended for the young and young at heart :)

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