Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou (Japanese TV Series) Review

I'm not a really big fan of AKB48 but I got excited when I found out that they will be in a show together with Johnny's Jr. The show is written by the AKB48 producer Yasushi Akimoto.

And I had the time to finished it. Yay!



The story revolves around an all boys' school, Bakada High School which is full of delinquent students, led by Tatsuya Sakuragi (Shintaro Morimoto).



Just imagine how this cute guy turned into a scary and tough one.

He's assisted by his loyal friends. But one day, they found out that their beloved school will be merge with a popular girls' school Catleya, which is full of rich and refined students. The students were led by a student president named Fumie (Haruka Shimazaki).



Well, expect some rumble and romance at the same time.


The story: The story is good, enough to keep me entertained however, it is so slow because it focuses more about the school rather than the romance among the students. It also focuses on how the two groups adapt with their differences and how friendship become stronger as time goes rough. There's a little bit of puppy love and romance with the four lead actors. Well, the story has a good backbone but I think it failed to expand more. I think there's more potential side stories that should be added. I think it is too short even there is a movie. THERE SHOULD BE SEASON 2!

The Music: I'm not a fan of Kis-My-Ft2, but I really like the opening song because I think it suits well with the show but I'm expecting songs from Hey Say Jump and AKB48.

The Actors: The boys were good. I really like how Johnny actors act. They're so talented and I want to thank Johnny Kitagawa for all the training and stuff hahaha Domo Arigatou Johnny-san. But the girls, ah nevermind (trying to dodge all the eggs and tomatoes thrown to me by the AKB48's fans who are reading this.). They're not good with portraying their roles and blank emotions on their faces and it looks really plain to me but I really like the acting of Kaoru Mitsumune. I like her face and facial expressions. I think she's really pretty.


All in all, I recommend it for anyone who want some high school Japanese dramas (which is very rare these days.)

I hope you will enjoy watching it :)


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