Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Bayan ko (Philippine TV Series) Review

As a Filipino citizen, I would like to hope that the Philippines will be free from corruption, political dynasties and others. I am a pretty idealistic person, I admit, that's why I am really enjoying the 1st original Series of GMA News TV, "Bayan Ko"
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The Plot:
The story is about a young, idealistic and newly-elected mayor, Joseph Santiago which is played by Rocco Nacino. He discovered a rotten system in the government of their province. He faced several temptations of corruption throughout the show which he tried to fight. His efforts to fight corruption gave rise to a dispute between him and the corrupt governor of the province, Antonio Rubio played by Pen Medina.
During the first two episodes of Bayan Ko, Mayor Joseph have to change the minds of a bunch of municipal hall employees who have been eaten by the system. He gains the trust and support through his honest service towards the community.
My Thoughts:
The trailer was really interesting with the heart-touching background song of "Bayan Ko"
I also like how they made it in high definition because it makes the series visually entertaining.
The series is not all serious because it was made lighter by a touch of comedy given by Betong and Love Anover and an unexpected romance of LJ Reyes' and Ping Medina's characters.
The scenes are realistic which can the audience will able to relate.
The cast was really great in portraying their roles. It was really natural. I love them all. haha.
This series is very timely for the upcoming election so that Filipinos will have an idea of what a good leader is and to open their minds that their votes are a crucial element for the country's progression and development.
Catch the last two episodes of Bayan Ko on GMA NEWS TV airs Sundays, 6:30 PM. If you missed the previous episodes, you can watch it on YouTube. :)

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