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Itazura na Kiss ~ Love in Tokyo Review

I had been a fan of the Taiwanese Drama "It Started With A Kiss", starring Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng but I don't have the chance to fully watch its sequel, "They Kiss Again". The chemistry of the lead actors was awesome but sometimes I hate it when the main girl is so stupid and clumsy.

Korean Adaptation starring Jung So-Min and Kim Hyun-Joong

Then, I started to watch the Korean drama, "Playful Kiss", starring Jung So-Min and Kim Hyun-Joong. I found it really cute and funny but it lacks something which the Taiwanese drama had. It is so anime-ish because of its cute visual effects. Too bad, it is not that popular in South Korea.

Well, it all based on the manga, "Itazura Na Kiss" which means Mischievous Kiss.

I also watched some episodes of the 1996 Japanese drama adaptation of the manga starring Sato Aiko and Kashiwabara Takashi. I think it's good but it's too old and the protagonist is annoyingly overacting. The chemistry between the lead actors are great though. I said so because I watched the behind the scenes. XD
I thought that a new Japanese adaptation of the manga should be made to justify again the series.
After hearing from a friend in Facebook that there will be a new Japanese drama based on the manga, I got really excited and happy.

Furukawa Yuki and Honoka Miki

I found out the guy who will play Irie Naoki is Furukawa Yuki, one of the actors in the romantic comedy film, "High School Debut" I really love him in High School debut because he is so cute but his screen time is very few. Well, at first, I thought that he is too cute to play the role of a very "handsome" and intelligent guy Naoki but his talent proved me wrong. The subtle changes on his facial expressions were really fun to watch. His character grew on me.

Yuki Furukawa in High School Debut

I also love how Kotoko was portrayed in this series because she might not be academically smart but she is not dumb like the Taiwanese Kotoko. But, I sometimes think Honoka Miki's Kotoko is too refined and elegant.I hope she will not be so obsessed with Naoki.

The Plot:

Aihara Kotoko is an ordinary student from class F who have a crush for his fellow senior student Irie Naoki. She gave him a letter while he was entering the campus. However, Naoki refused to read her letter and walked away. After that, she became the talk of the school and some people made fun of her.

While moving to their new house, Kotoko and her father were helped by her friends.

However, a meteorite hit the roof of their new but poorly constructed house causing it to be destroyed.

The best friend of Kotoko's father offered them to live in his house.

Irie and Aihara

She found out that the eldest son of the best friend of her father is none other than Naoki.

A shock Kotoko here

Behind the Scenes

Comment and tell me how you feel about this new adaptation! :)

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