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Itazura na Kiss Love In Tokyo Last Episode

After watching the episodes of Itazura na Kiss~Love in Tokyo, I fell in love with the persistence and effort of Kin-chan (Yamada Yuki). I like how he really shows that he cares for Kotoko(Honoka Miki). I feel like rooting for him to be Kotoko's boyfriend but I know it is impossible to happen since every drama-fanatic know this story.

Irie (Furukawa Yuki) became the biggest JERK ever in the first half of the last episode. I want to scream "NAOKI IS A JERK!" in front of my computer screen every time Yuki Furukawa's face shows(Sorry Yuki). But still, Irie Naoki and Kotoko Aihara will always be one of the best OTPs in the whole drama and anime world.

I can't agree more to what Jinko said: "A woman is happier when she is loved by a man more than she loves him.". That's why I feel like rooting for Kin-chan.

But forcing to love someone you don't love will also inflict you pain and misery. Right?

OK don't mind me.

I think this is one of the touchiest scene in the series like how Kotoko's father is so supportive of her. I like how he said that she shouldn't be obligated to marry Kin-chan since the most important thing for him is her feelings.

This is the funniest part of this episode. Satomi and Jinko is making Naoki jealous by tellling him that Kotoko will answer Kin-chan's proposal while he is trying to act he doesn't care about it. Go girls, tell him how jerk he is!

After hearing that Kin-chan proposed to Kotoko, Irie realized whom he really loves and how jerk he is to Kotoko (how many times did I say Naoki is a jerk in this post?)

Meanwhile at the restaurant, Kin-chan asked Kotoko about his proposal

But Kotoko answered that she needs to think about it.

Kin-chan realized that Kotoko still love Irie that's why she can't answer him.

This is the most heart-breaking scene for Kin-chan. The second one is the time when he saw Kotoko and Naoki together on Christmas Eve. I felt so sorry for him.

Kotoko left the restaurant and became emo too. She felt guilty towards how he treated Kin-chan. She thought that she's making him hope that they will be together.

Here's my favorite scene in the whole series

When Kotoko looked up...

I don't know why Naoki knew where Kotoko is.

Maybe this place is near Irie's house....

I really like the transparent umbrella in this scene. I think it makes the scene more romantic.

This is when Naoki started to get jealous and saying: "Do you love someone just because he tells you that he loves you?". This line really beats me.

I love the cinematography on this scene when Naoki released the umbrella from his grip to hold Kotoko and saying she can't love anyone but him. That was so arrogant yet sweet line.

My favorite scene when Kotoko is saying that she can't help that she is still in love with him but he can't love her back. Then, Irie decided to answer her with a.....

Kiss in the rain will always be romantic for me... It doesn't get old.

In this picture we saw a very selfish and possessive Naoki. This is the point where I started to forgive Naoki for being such a jerk... hahaha

I don't want to spoil everything to the people who haven't finished this yet but I wonder what will happen to Sahoko? Not that I really care about her but I think it was not answered in the series. Well, I've heard that the there will be a season 2, so I hope some questions will be answered.
Kin-chan is still funny

Screencaptured by ME :)

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