Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Music: One Ok Rock

There are great awesome Japanese bands such as Orange Range,  Aqua Timez, B’z, L’arc en ciel, Judy and Mary, Asian Kung Fu Generation,  and Scandal  which provide the opening or ending theme of our favorite animes. These bands baited me to the whole J-music scene during my high school days. It has been a long time since I listened to rock songs because I became fan of J-pop.
While watching the trailer of Rurouni Kenshin (a.k.a. Samurai X) live action movie in YouTube, there’s an English song playing on the background which I found amusing and weird. Why will they use a non-Japanese song for this all-Japanese movie? It heightened my interest to search for that song and this is what I found out:
1) The song is entitled “The Beginning”
2) The lyrics is written in English and JAPANESE
3) A band named “One OK Rock” sing that song
4) The members of the band are Japanese.
5) Lastly, they are AWESOME.


I’d seen some of their videos of their live performances in Youtube. How I wish I can hear them live. I want to start a petition to let OOR come to the Philippines.
I became a J-rock fan again because of OOR. Their songs are all great and addictive. My top 5 favorites songs are:
1)    欲望に満ちた青年団  (Yokubou ni michita seinendan) –          I screamed when I heard the Intro. haha
2)     A New One For All, All For The New One
3)    Etcetera – it seems like a “heartbreak” song
4)    混雑コミュニケーション(Konzatsu Communication)
5)    Wherever you are
Now, I have a big crush on Taka, OOR’s vocalist J
Subscribe to their Youtube account:
Wanna share it with you guys, Taka's voice is so beautiful :)

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