Thursday, December 10, 2015

Random post about My Current Status

Asian-Americans on Youtube

DANCING: I don’t dance

HOPING: that I could make something that my family and nation would be proud of 
MARVELLING: at the awesomeness of exchanging opinions and the arguments in line with it
SMELLING: green tea

MAKING: ends meet
DRINKING: green tea, coz I need to shed some weight
READING: The Bubble Bible by: Michael V, random news articles
WANTING: to have a new watercolor set or colored pencils 
LOOKING: for the Christmas spirit 
WASTING: time writing this 
WISHING: for a joyful Christmas vacation
ENJOYING: the satisfying sounds of keyboard smashing
WAITING: for a positive feedbacks from colleagues
LIKING:  someone’s genuine personality
WONDERING: if I could travel around the world 
LOVING: my quiet time so far
LISTENING: to “The Same as” by One Ok Rock
WATCHING: Ryan Higa’s skits and vlogs in Youtube ‘coz I’m a lamp
WEARING: a corporate attire (checkered black polo, black blazer, dark brown pants and black leather shoes)

NOTICING: that the people on my back were having a party 
KNOWING: that life will goes on even if something fails
THINKING: of having a lasagna for dinner
FEELING: unproductive for this day 
COVETING: for food, a plate of lasagna will do

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