Saturday, January 23, 2016

Best Things on One OK Rock Live in Manila Concert

Best Things that Happened on One OK Rock Live In Manila Concert

1. People turned on the Flashlight mode on their phones during "Heartache"

2. Taka clenched his fist on his chest when the crowd was singing the Japanese parts on "Wherever you are" 

3. Tomoya's amazing drums skills at the intro (35xxxv)

4. "You guys are so beautiful" - Taka

5. The crowd was singing along on every song whether it has English/Japanese lyrics. Magkabulolbulol na, makasabay lang hahaha

6. Before the encore, when OOR left the stage:
Crowd:"We Want More" (while stomping with their feet. Dumagundong ang MOA Arena dahil dito.)

Then, they go back to the stage.
Taka: Do you want more?
Crowd: Yes!
Taka: Me too!
And the whole Arena went wild

7. Toru said "Salamat Manila". It was barely heard since it was masked by the loud cheers from the audience

8. "Mahal Kita" - Tomoya ( the crowd went wild again)

9. OOR selfie with the audience while holding the messages the fans wrote for them on a banner with a Philippine flag. "See you again"

10. Audience singing: "Believe that time is always forever..." During Clock Strikes. (Another goosebumps experience)

11. Taka promised that OOR we'll be back in the Philippines 

There's actually a lot more that I could write on here but most of my experience that night is unexplainable. Even though some fans were saying that the concert would be better if the wall of death has been push through or some fans followed the rules by not using lightsticks or recording video, I think it was all a great show since the four boys were giving their best and I can see from their IG posts that they had enjoy their performance here in the Philippines. 

One OK Rock Live in Manila
All in all, January 19 was a night to be remember for all the Filipino One OK Rockers. It was a night were all of the fanboys/fangirls inside of us were screaming with joy that finally, after years of petitioning/answering surveys, one of the most renowned J-rock band have landed their feet on our shores and gave us a night we will never forget. Hopefully, we'll be seeing more of them here in the Philippines.

So, to all my fellow Pinoy One OK Rockers,"Believe that time is always forever" and let's pray that they will keep their promise of coming back.

As one of the line of their song says "I promise you forever", true enough we have that night forever in our hearts.

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